Service Schedule

12 Month period Service Schedule


First 9 month period:

Every three months (for first nine months) the units must have the filters washed and cleaned (normal office conditions) *(high dust environment weekly or monthly depending upon conditions!), unit must be run checked on all settings – fan speeds, heating and cooling, gas pressure check. Wipe full unit with mild soap solution and visual check!


12 month period:

Then at the 12 month period the unit must have a major service, were by the console unit must be removed from the wall sleeve and the outside condenser cover must be removed and the condenser section must be washed out, taking care to wash the coil making sure that there is no dirt between the fins etc. Check that evaporative pan is cleaned out and that the drain pipe is totally clear from any dirt. Check condenser fan and mounts.

Check inside evaporator unit that fan is clean and that all dust and dirt has been washed off impellers and housing. Clean any dirt build up on fan shaft and then test run unit for full operation heating and cooling etc. Clean inside coil with blower or wash out if very dirty making sure that all dirt is removed from fins.

Check that gas pressures are correct and that unit is functioning correctly!

* NB: Should units be running at coastal aeries then there will have to be more major services done and units must be checked for corrosion especially on the condenser side!

Specifications may very or change at any time without notice due to constant product upgrading by factory or components used in unit!