Makeup and Features

  • Normal Console 385mm high condenser
  • Replacement Console 365mm high condenser
  • Slimline Console 220mm deep condenser
  • Split Console Range

Makeup and features for the full range  9 – 24000 Btu’s

These units are built and designed for the high ambient conditions found in our part of the world and the rest of Africa, as well as the Middle East.  This by manufacturing units that have strong air flows and capacities and are robust to withstand harsh African and Middle Eastern conditions.

Air handler Casings

These are manufactured of a high quality galvanized sheet metal that has been specially treated and then is powder-coated and heat treated in an oven with a special polyester epoxy powder to our stringent specifications.


Condenser Boxes

These are manufactured from a high quality galvanized sheet metal that is dipped, treated and then powder-coated and baked with a special exterior type of powder to stand up to harsh environmental conditions.


Heat Exchangers

The evaporator coil is a specially designed multi coil that can give out high cooling and heating capacities and the condenser coils are made up to withstand harsh conditions of high ambient temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius.

These coils can also be made of copper to copper, epoxy coated aluminum or even out of stainless steel if the conditions require this. (This as a special at additional costs)



We use only very high efficient (R22, R407C or R410A) Mitsubishi Rotary Compressors or our in house WESTAIR Brand (Daiken technology) throughout our range of units. These compressors are fully tested before units leave the production line and have overload protection devices on them and run on low power consumption to save operating costs to the end user.


Evaporator Fan Motors

These are made by a well known manufacturer and are with three fan speeds used throughout the range of models. If serviced correctly, these motors will run for years and have got internal overload protection.


Condenser Fan Motors

These are from a very well known German Manufacturer and have got internal overload protection and can withstand high ambient conditions of up to 55 + degrees Celsius and are of class F insulation. We use all the same type of motors throughout the full range.


Electromechanical Controls on Cooling only or Electric Heating models

We use electromechanical controls throughout the cooling only or electric heating range as these are simple to work on (maintance) and are very reliable and robust to power fluctuations etc. All console units are also fitted with either one or two 25amp double pole 50Hz 220V SIEMENS contactors for the compressor or heater start up, this not to burn the contacts on the thermostats.

There is also a heat/cool change over switch (toggle type) on each unit to have either the heating or cooling cycle running on each unit.

The units are fitted with two control knobs, one that controls unit off, three fan speeds high/medium/low or fan only (medium speed). The other knob is the thermostat heating or cooling set point control (temperature set point control, compressor or heater on or off)

NB: As an optional extra, each unit can be fitted with a no volt relay and reset button on the control panel. This option is widely used in hotels and offices to save electricity costs.

Each unit is also fitted with a compressor’s start up run down timer that is preset by the manufacturer at between 2 – 5 minutes. This timer is used so that the units start up at different starting intervals after a power failure, giving the compressors enough time to equalize the gas pressure before restarting.

All the electrics are fitted inside a box that is fully covered to give protection to any technician opening or working on the unit. (Safe to electrical shocks)


Electronic Controls on Heat Pump models only

We use electronic controls on all our heat pump models, this as a heat pump unit needs to have a proper deice function on the condenser side on the coil if this starts to ice up. We also control the fan on the condenser coil should the ambient temperature be too low. When the whole deice function occurs on the condenser side, our evaporator fan stops running on the inside and only starts up again once the coil has heated up again, not causing cold air to be blown inside the room!

The control pad for the electronic control is fitted under the small flap on the right side of the top discharge panel.


Heaters (only on electric heating models)

Throughout the range we use three different capacity heaters, namely 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5Kw. These are fitted with two types of safeties, one being the fuse-able link and the other a clixon that controls the heater contactor, should the heater overheat at any stage. (If required we can also have a 1.5 or 2.0Kw heater made to fit to the console unit for electricity saving!)


Condensate Removal: (Cooling only and Electric Heating models) (Heat Pump)

The condensate water runs from the indoor coil into the internal drip tray, then down the drainpipe into the condenser section into an accumulator inside the condenser. Through this accumulator, the hot gas pipe runs, causing evaporation to take place. This will happen if the humidity level is around 60% – 80%. Should the humidity rise, this accumulator will overflow. At this point the overflowed water will be pushed against the back section of the condenser and the heat created from the condenser coil air flowing over the coil will cause further evaporation.

The condenser also has a hole at the back to fit on a drain pipe if needed. This especially for the heat pump models. * Remove rubber plug from the condenser to fit drain pipe.


Evaporator Top Air Discharge Grills

The two top air discharge grills are made of a special heat resistant ABS material. The air can be distributed both right and left, or at an angle of up to 45 degrees to the front. The controls are found under a small flap on the right hand side of the top after being opened, by pulling up on the small lip.


Supply Cord Outlet of Unit

The supply cord on all the Console units is on the bottom right of inside evaporator, via a rubber grommet. You, however, still have the opportunity to run the cable inside the bottom back of unit to the left side and come out via the grommet positioned here. The third option being to run the cord out the back plate on the right bottom into the spacer frame. (Fastening collar).



The console and split consoles are both fitted with return air intake on the front of the unit. This, as to be able to mount the units directly on the floor and also that if the office has furniture pushed up close to the unit (minimum 100mm), then the filters are still able to be removed with ease. This is done by pulling the two filters out of their holders towards the top of the unit and washing them out. The filters are made of a nylon material molten onto a plastic frame.


HP and LP Schroeder Valves

All the units are fitted with internal Schroeder valves on the evaporator. These both for the HP and LP to check the refrigerant pressure of the unit. These valves are to be found on the right bottom of the evaporator after removing the full unit cover, this by loosening two screws, and one on each side of the unit.


Fresh Air Intake

All console units have a fixed fresh air intake of +/- 10% and this is at the bottom inside of the evaporator by the fan. This air is mixed with the return air and cooled via the coil before it is blown into the room.



A special self adhering high quality closed cell foam rubber, which is self extinguishing, is used throughout the unit. This is used for both sound and thermal insulation on the inside and outside of the evaporator, keeping sound levels and heat transfers to very low levels for these type of units. We also put a special heat foil in front of the heater element for protection!